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Women Empowerment- Fitness program (ZUMBA)  (2nd March 2019)

Objective of the event

  • To focus on importance of health fitness.
  • To create an awareness of  how important is our body fitness

Description of the event

Getting our self into the best shape of our life.  Realize that fitness should be a lifetime commitment with ever-changing goals and expectations, and it should help to live a longer, healthier life. Do our best to limit junk food and other sources of empty calories.

Outcome of the event

Older adults may have additional factors that keep them from being physically active, including lack of social support.  Physical activity is important to ensure the effectiveness of interventions and other actions to increase levels of physical activity.


Mrs. A. Sajula-Staff coordinator

Mrs. G. V. Sasirekha-Staff coordinator

Mrs. E. Maheswari-Staff coordinator

Ms. A. Juvin Paula-Staff coordinator