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Women Empowerment-Self defense (Silambam)  (21st February 2019)

Objective of the event

  • To create/ empower women against sexual assault.
  • To defend themselves using staves, either for ritual purposes or for an actual emergency.
  • To promote a traditional culture in the campus.

Description of the event

She taught the students about the footwork (kaaladi) which they must master before learning spinning techniques and patterns, and methods to change the spins without stopping the motion of the stick. She also shared the hammer grip with the main hand facing down behind the weak hand which faces up.

Outcome of the event

The whole body is used to create power. Secure the competency of young women to meet the critical situation of the society.


Mrs. A. Sajula-Staff coordinator

Mrs. G. V. Sasirekha-Staff coordinator

Mrs. E. Maheswari-Staff coordinator

Ms. A. Juvin Paula-Staff coordinator