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Department of Computer Science

TheDepartment of Computer Science was established in the year 2002 to accomplishthe need of IT sector. The department is well equipped with the basicresources. The department comprises of well qualified and dedicated facultymembers. The Department was upgraded into a post graduate stream in the year2012.

The academic performance of the department isoutstanding. The department has made an everlasting impression in the world ofcomputer education. Since, the aim of the department is to reach the zenith; itis taking the required steps focusing towards the goal. 

The competitive modern world forces theindividuals to have an extra edge to be successful. Programmers’ to developsuch qualities are the other important aspects of the department. Ourambition is to make the students use their intellectual caliber for effectiveand quick acquisition.



§  B.Sc. (ComputerScience) 3 years- Full Time

§  M.Sc (ComputerScience) 2 years – Full Time

§  ValueAdded Course  – Web designing &Photoshop



  • Department of Computer Science offers the best Training. Well furnished class rooms and laboratories provide a comfortable learning atmosphere.
  • The high-end Pentium machines are connected through the network working on Windows NT, Novell NetWare, Linux and SCO Unix Open Server.
  • The department is connected through the internet, which facilitates a highly effective communication.
  • A rich collection of computer books add another dimension to quality education.
  • The department distinguishes itself by arranging professional educators as well as specialist from IT industry to kindle the students skill.
  • Students are taken for Industrial visits to have hands on practical knowledge.
  • The Department is conducting two value added courses.
  • Department of computer science conducts seminars,guest lecture under the club named "CLUSTER".
  • Weekly activities are conducted to enhance the skill of the students and it enables the creativity of the young mind.
  • Department of computer science along with PG department Biochemistry and commerce organised a workshop on "Art of thesis writing" during january 2017.
  • Department of computer science organized two days workshop on R Programming along with ICT Academy on 25th & 26th September 2017.




Mrs.S. Meenakshi M.C.A., M.Phil.-HOD

Mrs. S. Mahalakshmi M.C.A., M.Phil-Assistant professor

Mr. A. Vinoth M.C.A., M.Phil-Assistant professor

Mrs. E. Maheswari M.C.A., M.Phil-Assistant professor

Mrs. R. Vidya, M.C.A.-Assistant Professor

Mrs. G. Sujitha M.C.A., M. Phil.-Assistant professot


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