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The Chennai Literary Association  (8th December 2018)

The Chennai Literary Association conducted various competitions at Ethiraj College for Women on 8th December 2018. We, being a part of this Association, conducted an event “Stage a Shakespearean Scene” in which various colleges participated and won prizes.


Mrs.Japhia Solomon-Vice Principal & HOD

Mrs. A. Sajula-Asst.Professor

Ms. T. R. Rinemol -Asst.Professor

Mrs. P. Deivika Prema-Asst.Professor

Mrs. M. Noore shashmi-Asst.Professor

Mrs. J. Revathy -Asst.Professor

Mrs. B. Dhanalakshmi -Asst.Professor

Ms. I. Eunice Ida-Asst.Professor

Ms. J. Nisha Priyanthi-Asst.Professor

Mrs. T. Amudha-Asst.Professor

Ms. D. Shobana-Asst.Professor

Ms. S. Rajeswari-Asst.Professor